A Grand Day Out on Fort Hall Reservation


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Fort Hall is a land of visual conflict and contradiction. The hand-painted signs say welcome, but you’re not sure you want to stay. Shot at f8 at 1/320 using a 35mm lens.


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Children and teachers painted salutations along the silos on the old highway for people passing through. Shot at 1/320 at f9 with a 35mm lens.

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This old building was used for many purposes over the years: A school, a medical practice, and a state building among others. It rests against the modern water tower on the hill. Shot at f/9 at 1/320 using a 35 mm lens.


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Modern farming equipment and winter wheat grow against a broken down farmstead. Shot at f8 at 1/250 using a 35mm lens.


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The sun sets in the west, illuminating spray-painted headstones jutting out from Sand Hill cemetery. It took me an hour to find it. Ultimately, the small dirt roads forking into the sagebrush led me to some artificial color on the landscape, where I discovered the public cemetery. Shot at f8 at 1/250 with a 35mm lens.


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