Environmental Photography

Kilgore Kids
Burnt landscape in Kilgore, Idaho.

This image reminds me of the early Star Trek alien planet landscapes. I could nearly sense Captain Kirk’s wafting testosterone. Must. Find. Attractive. Female…

The landscape of Kilgore, Idaho was recently charred from a large brushfire, exposing much of the valley floor. You can see the hardened molten lava forming the floor in a couple of these photos. It’s land that’s always burning, it seems. Compared to this, my cooking is stellar. I shot this at 1/160 at f 6.3 using a 35 mm lens. No hardships to speak of, but the wind was very cold.


Kilgore Valley Floor
Kilgore valley floor after a fire. Idaho, 2018

This photo demonstrates some of the ancient history of the Kilgore, area. I love the textures in these photos. It is somewhat difficult to hike through though. My feet were always catching on something.

This shot was taken at 1/100 at f10.

Kilgore Landscape
Overlooking charred landscape in Kilgore, Idaho.

You can get a really good view of the landscape here. The color versions of these photos are nearly all black and white. In the near distance, the foothills morph into the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. No hardships here, except the wind. It was very bitter. I shot this at 1/100 with an f10 aperature. 35 mm lens.


Meeting Place
Sand dunes surging over the rockscape in St. Anthony, Idaho

This is one of the places where  rock meets sand in Eastern Idaho. In some areas, sand is drifting over blackened places from the Kilgore fire. I came over the ridge halfway expecting to see a Sarlac pit with a young Jedi scrambling for his life. One of the things I love the most about photography is finding repeating patterns in nature. This almost looks like an ocean wave cresting, sliding over a rocky shore. Exposure is 1/200 at f10, using a 35mm lens.

Dune huggers
Sand dunes in St. Anthony, Idaho 

In St. Anthony, the sand is a real force of nature. In this photo, a juniper tree catches tumbleweeds while being overtaken by the sand. It illustrates the effect wind has in the area. No difficulties other than being out of shape. Exposure is 1/100 at f10, 35 mm lens.


Sand Sweepers
Long grass growing in St. Anthony sand dunes in Idaho

I love the texture in this shot. The long grass is sweeping circles on the dune’s side. It remings me of ripples in a pond. Again, more pattens in nature. No technical hardships, but removing  sand from my person seemed to take days. Exposure 1/160 at f10, 35mm lens.



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